An ode to Holland's greatest actress.

Who doesn't know the infamous film Emmanuelle wherein Sylvia Kristel shocked the world by running around naked and having sex with multiple men and not being ashame of anything?
Most people believe her to be a poor actress just showing of her female goodies to impress the world. Ofcourse at the time it most certainly was the case but there's so much more to it.
It was the start of a revolution and after Emmanuelle cinema began to focus more and more on eroticism in films.
That's why Emmanuelle was followed by countless more sequels and lots of films tried to cash in on the succes of the film.
This blog is about everything Sylvia did. I will post pictures, tapes, videos and reviews, etc.
Most of the older generation already know a lot about this stuff and I do not pretend to be the ultimate Sylvia Kristel expert, by no means, but as I respect her films that much I thought it was time for a blog dedicated to her and her works.

woensdag 1 september 2010