An ode to Holland's greatest actress.

Who doesn't know the infamous film Emmanuelle wherein Sylvia Kristel shocked the world by running around naked and having sex with multiple men and not being ashame of anything?
Most people believe her to be a poor actress just showing of her female goodies to impress the world. Ofcourse at the time it most certainly was the case but there's so much more to it.
It was the start of a revolution and after Emmanuelle cinema began to focus more and more on eroticism in films.
That's why Emmanuelle was followed by countless more sequels and lots of films tried to cash in on the succes of the film.
This blog is about everything Sylvia did. I will post pictures, tapes, videos and reviews, etc.
Most of the older generation already know a lot about this stuff and I do not pretend to be the ultimate Sylvia Kristel expert, by no means, but as I respect her films that much I thought it was time for a blog dedicated to her and her works.

woensdag 1 september 2010

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donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Trailers and other bits on youtube of Emmanuelle 2

Trailers and other youtube bits of Emmanuelle

Easiest way to start of this blog is by showing her filmography ofcourse. I imported it from IMDB so if you click on the title you will be directed to the IMDB page showing the film. You can easily return ro this blog by using the backspace button.

"The Swing Girls" (2010) TV series (post-production) .... Mamma Lescano (2010)
Two Sunny Days (2010) .... Angela
Bank (2002) .... Wife
Sexy Boys (2001) .... La sexologue
De vriendschap (2001) .... Sylvia
Vergeef me (2001) .... Chiquita (on stage) ... aka "Forgive Me" - Europe (English title)
Die Unbesiegbaren (2000) (TV)
Lijmen/Het been (2000) .... Jeanne
An Amsterdam Tale (1999) .... Alma
Film 1 (1999) .... Patron ... aka "Piranha Blues" - USA (festival title)
Harry Rents a Room (1999) .... Miss Pinky
Gaston's War (1997) .... Miep Visser
Die Sexfalle (1997) (TV) .... Nicole Fuchs
"Onderweg naar morgen" (1994) TV series .... Trix Odijk (unknown episodes, 1996)
"De eenzame oorlog van Koos Tak" (1 episode, 1996) - Tante Heintje (1996) TV episode
Emmanuelle VI (1993) .... Emmanuelle ... aka "Emmanuelle au 7ème ciel" - France (original title) ... aka "Emmanuelle 7" - International (English title)
Emmanuelle's Secret (1993) (TV) ... aka "Le secret d'Emmanuelle" - France (original title)
Beauty School (1993) .... Sylvia
Emmanuelle's Perfume (1993) (TV) .... Emmanuelle ... aka "Le parfum d'Emmanuelle" - France (original title) ... aka "The Perfume of Emmanuelle" - International (English title)
Emmanuelle's Magic (1993) (TV) .... Emmanuelle ... aka "Magique Emmanuelle" - France (original title)
Emmanuelle's Love (1993) (TV) .... Old Emmanuelle ... aka "L'amour d'Emmanuelle" - France (original title)
Emmanuelle in Venice (1993) (TV) .... Old Emmanuelle ... aka "Emmanuelle à Venise" - France (original title)
Emmanuelle's Revenge (1993) (TV) .... Old Emmanuelle ... aka "La revanche d'Emmanuelle" - France (original title)
Emmanuelle Forever (1993) (TV) .... Old Emmanuelle ... aka "Éternelle Emmanuelle" - France (original title)
Silence of the Body (1992) ... aka "Seong-ae-ui chimmuk" - South Korea (original title)
Hot Blood (1990) .... Sylvia
In the Shadow of the Sandcastle (1990) .... Angel
Dracula's Widow (1988) .... Vanessa
Casanova (1987) (TV) .... Maddalena
The Arrogant (1987) .... Julie ... aka "Sylvia Kristel's Desires" - USA (video title)
Red Heat (1985) .... Sofia
Mata Hari (1985) .... Mata Hari
The Big Bet (1985) .... Michelle
Emmanuelle IV (1984) .... Sylvia / Emmanuelle
Private School (1983) .... Ms. Regina Copoletta ... aka "Private School... for Girls" - USA (alternative title)
Private Lessons (1981) .... Nicole Mallow
Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981) .... Lady Constance Chatterley
The Million Dollar Face (1981) (TV) .... Brett Devereaux ... aka "Kiss of Gold" - USA (alternative title)
Amore in prima classe (1980) .... Beatrice
The Nude Bomb (1980) .... Agent 34 ... aka "Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb" - , International (English title) (informal title)... aka "The Return of Maxwell Smart" - USA (TV title)
The Concorde ... Airport '79 (1979) .... Isabelle ... aka "Airport '79" - USA (short title)... aka "Airport '80: The Concorde" - Philippines (English title)... aka "Airport 1979" - International (English title) (informal title)... aka "Airport 1980" - International (English title) (informal title)... aka "The Concorde" - USA (short title)
The Fifth Musketeer (1979) .... Maria Theresa ... aka "The 5th Musketeer" - USA (poster title)
Tigers in Lipstick (1979) .... The Lady on the Bed/The Unhappy Wife ... aka "Letti selvaggi" - Italy (original title) ... aka "Lady Chatterley's Palace" - Philippines (English title)
Mysteries (1978) .... Dany Kielland ... aka "Evil Mysteries" - USA (video title)... aka "Knut Hamsun's Mysteries" - USA (video title)
Pastorale 1943 (1978) .... Miep Algera
Emmanuelle 3 (1977) .... Emmanuelle ... aka "Goodbye Emmanuelle" - France (original title) ... aka "Emmanuelle III" - USA... aka "Good bye, Emmanuelle" - USA... aka "Goodbye, Emmanuelle" - International (English title)
Rene the Cane (1977) .... Krista ... aka "René la canne" - Italy (original title)
Alice or the Last Escapade (1977) .... Alice Carol ... aka "Alice ou la dernière fugue" - France (original title)
La marge (1976) .... Diana ... aka "The Margin" - International (English title) (literal title)
Une femme fidèle (1976) .... Mathilde Leroy ... aka "Game of Seduction" - USA (video title)... aka "The Faithful Woman" - International (English title) (informal literal title)
Emmanuelle II (1975) .... Emmanuelle ... aka "Emmanuelle: L'antivierge" - France (original title) ... aka "Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman" - USA... aka "Emmanuellel 2: The Anti-Virgin" - International (English title) (informal literal title)
Playing with Fire (1975) .... Diana Van Den Berg ... aka "Le jeu avec le feu" - Italy (original title)
No Pockets in a Shroud (1974) .... Avril ... aka "Un linceul n'a pas de poches" - France (original title)
Julia (1974) .... Andrea ... aka "Der Liebesschüler" - West Germany (original title)
Emmanuelle (1974) .... Emmanuelle
Naakt over de schutting (1973) .... Lilly Marischka
Because of the Cats (1973) .... Hannie Troost ... aka "The Rape" - Europe (English title) (video title)
Frank en Eva (1973) .... Sylvia